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Wildman Chalmers Design worked with Ms. Picker, CEO of CityLAB, on the design of a one-story, nearly 350-square-foot house built at 223 N. Atlantic Ave. in Garfield, PA. CityLAB is a nonprofit that performs experiments with the city of Pittsburgh as its labo­ratory. Experiments are chosen to seed economic development, generate buzz, and effect positive change in the city, from inside and out. The major attraction of tiny houses is the idea of living a simpler life with fewer possessions. But affordability also is a draw. The low price tag of most tiny houses means financial freedom. Ms. Picker hopes that Garfield, which is sandwiched between two urban redevelopment success stories, East Liberty and Lawrenceville, will be the next neighborhood to experience a rebirth. To read the full article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, click here.